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About French Payroll Epxert

About French Payroll Expert

Why, Who, How ?

FPExpert was created for sole purpose of releasing foreign companies of the burden of the french payroll.

FPExpert was created by its CEO Thomas BIDOU.

FPExpert is using one of the most efficient and proven software to compute your payroll.

All for One

FPExpert as develop the “All for One” policy. We do it all just for one price.

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My Irish week

This week was my Irish week. Yesterday I was invited at the Irish embassy to St Patrick’s day. I had quite a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to meet my friends, Desmond McGetrick from DMCG CONSULTING, Jean-Charles Moczarski for Enterprise Ireland and Tim Craye from 01 ACCOUNTING SERVICES LTD. And today I attended …

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