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About French Payroll Epxert

About French Payroll Expert

Why, Who, How ?

FPExpert was created for sole purpose of releasing foreign companies of the burden of the french payroll.

FPExpert was created by its CEO Thomas BIDOU.

FPExpert is using one of the most efficient and proven software to compute your payroll.

All for One

FPExpert as develop the “All for One” policy. We do it all just for one price.

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Speeding and parking fines can be very dangerous to a company.

The employer and the company may be prosecuted in case of non-reporting road offense committed by an employee. Employers must “denounce” employees who commit road traffic offenses with a company vehicle, under penalty of fine. The court of cassation considers that if the employer can be prosecuted for failing to meet the obligation to appoint, …

Yesterday, I was sworn in as an assessor on the new “Pôle social”.

As a member of the CNDI (independent employers’ federation), I was designated to stand on the “pôle social”. The “pôle social” is the merge of the TCI and the TASS. Both were social security courts. The new court will have the same range of responsibility. We will judge claims on social security matters (URSSAF audits, …

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