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Why create French Payroll Expert

Why create French Payroll Expert?

FPExpert was created for sole purpose of releasing foreign companies of the burden of the french payroll.

To allow foreign companies to come to France without fearing the french social administration and payroll complexity.

Our goal is to make sure that you do not even notice the complexity of the french payroll systems and regulations.

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Who created French Payroll Expert?

FPExpert was created by its CEO Thomas BIDOU.

Mr. BIDOU has over 15 years of experience in providing payroll services to foreign companies. He is an expert in payroll management.

By creating FPExpert, Mr. BIDOU, wishes to provide foreign companies with the access to the best services born out the best experiences in international accounting firms.

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How does French Payroll Expert do it?

FPExpert is using one of the most efficient and proven software to compute your payroll.

With a paperless policy FPExpert is an eco-responsible company. And FPExpert is also a cost efficient company using the modern communication technology to achieve its goal.

One for all FPExpert

All for One

FPExpert as develop the “All for One” policy. We do it all just for one price.

With a per pay slip cost which includes every possible event, there is no surprises when you receive our invoice.

No additional cost for declarations, attestations, estimation and accrual.

With “All for One” there is no need for a timer when you make of phone call. And you can take the time to make sur you understand everything about the french payroll if you whish it.