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Yesterday, thanks the #businesslunch and l’Entente I had my first #fishandships ever.

Michael Diehl was our speaker. He explained how ChetWode helps provide loans to company basted on their intangible assets.
In these dreadful times were cashflow is vital, ChetWode seems very useful.

I also had the great pleasure reuniting with my friends Jonathan C. Cooper from The Spectrum IFA GroupSimon BarnesJeremy Blimbaum from SolvactionChristian CarrollDavid Davron from Davron Translations, Richard Duggan, Michaela FauxROSE LAWSabine Leuschner from Sagasser S.E.L.A.S Gadi Oron from CISACDavid Spiers from ILIC CONSULTING, and Charles Tatham from Tatham Property Solutions.

As usual, thanks to Jonathan C. Cooper for setting this up. Also you could avoid posing when I take a picture. People are going to think this is all made up.

And thanks to our sponsor Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, ABAF, the British Council, the IOD and The Spectrum IFA Group.

The English Language(s???)

Dear Network,
I need your help in regard to the #englishlanguage (languages???).

In France we had to stay at home for 2 months due to #COVID19. This was called #confinement””.
In my post and in my contact with my foreign friends and clients, I used the word “confinement (in English)” to speak of the “confinement (in French)”.
However, it would appear that the correct word is #lockdown””. At least in #british English.
When I look at Google translate, both words seem to apply.
Here is my question :
What word should I use?
And should I change word when I speak to my #irish#australian or #american friends and clients?

Any advises would be most appreciated.

The court is back in session.

Yesterday was my first session after confinement as a #judge to the #socialsecurity tribunal (“Pôle social” in French).

It felt right to be back to judiciary duties when the employees and employers get back to work.

The metro and the tribunal were empty in the morning. And the queue for the public to access to the tribunal was lengthy but in good order and calm.

Of course everyone was wearing a mask with #socialdistancing in mind.

Non-the less, we were able to provide #justice the way it must be done.

Every party was heard, and every evidence was examined in the same way as before #COVID19 if only for the use of hydroalcoholic gel after touching every document provided by the layers.

COVID19 – Partial activity


Due to #coronavirus #france is in confinement for 14 days.

How can a company pay its employee despite the fact that they cannot work?

French labour law authorise the use of the #partialactivity.

How does it work?

The company must request partial activity on the site .

The creation of an account is necessary.

The information needed are:

The company:


· Name

· Address

· Phone

· E-mail

The company’s manager

· Last name

· First name

· Phone

· E-mail

During the partial activity period, the employer pays 70% of the employee’s gross salary and receives compensation of € 8.04 per hour from the state.

The compensation paid by the employer is only subject to the CSG / CRDS at the rate of 9.7%. No other social contribution is due.

French Payroll Expert and Your Experts In France help you, in these troubled times, and do this declaration for you.


A business lunch and a burial?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet an undertaker.

Be reassured, it was not #coronavirus related.

Rachel Davenport from Henri de Borniol was our guest speaker at the monthly #businesslunch .

I don’t have much experience with death and burial.

And, of course, I did not know anything about the job of an undertaker. Rachel changed that.

She explained that her main job is to support the families and provide solutions and an administrative peace of mind. Which I would think appreciable in time of grief.

Of course she also explained that as Henri de Bonriol is an upscale company for high-profile clients she managed funerals for princes, presidents and high-profile company’s CEO.

During this lunch I also had lively conversation with the attendees.

Were present Simon Barnes, Jonathan Bradshaw, Christian Carroll, Joanna Farah, Lucy Hawkes, Nathalie Kennedy, Chris Lane, Colin Leisk, Jeremy Lister, Simon Pennington and Thibault Vanham ◆ Bessé.

Thanks to Jonathan C. Cooper for setting this up.

And, of course, many thanks to our sponsors Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, British Council (I saw your ad in the subway yesterday, nicely done), Department for International Trade, IOD, Stnadrd Athletic Club and The Spectrum IFA Group.

Your Experts at dinner

Your Experts In France had its first informal dinner yesterday at L’ENTENTE.

Not only did it give me the opportunity to test British cuisine (the ox heart was delicious). But it also allowed me to get to know my partners a lot better.

Experts are all about their job. The best way to become an expert is to live, breathe and eat your work.

However in an informal environment we speak differently about it.

Therefore our partners not only get to know us by our work, but also by our personality.

A very good evening.

Were present (from left to right) Louis Guillaume De Leusse (MAGELLAN Expert conseil), Claire Bonniol ( CXB HUB), Emmanuelle Verbaere (Aloé financement), Philippe Talon (AFC Représentation Fiscale), Thomas Bidou (French Payroll Expert), Etienne Pujol (Berry Avocats), Luisa KEIL DELATTRE (Lille’s agency).

Brexit at the Chamber

This morning I learned a lot about #brexit at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry‘s #SMEBreakfast.

Michel de Fabiani was our speaker. As the vice-president of the Chamber, he is well aware of what is going on.

The first thing I learned is the negotiations are planned up to the 26th of May. Therefore nothing will be certain until then.

Then I learned that it was better for everyone to gather as much as possible until then. This means that if you must renew your visa, license, permit or any other legal authorization, it is preferable before the agreement come into play. Even if this means doing an early renewal.

Finally, I learned that Boris Johnson was a pragmatic. I was surprised as this is not how he appears in the French media.

Were present Olivia Bédier, Tristram Congreve, Joanna Farah, Derek Ferguson (love the new beard by the way), Nathalie Kennedy, Steven Khoury and Philippe Talon.

Thank you to CATHERINE LE YAOUANC and the Chamber for setting up this event.

Lunch & Learns with NetWorkIrlande

Yesterday I learned how to increase my visibility on LinkedIn thanks to NetworkIrlande France and Conor Murphy from LinkedIn.

The key element I learned is to not just say “I was there”, “I did that”.

But also to bring something to my network.

This is why my post started with “Yesterday I learned…” and not “Yesterday I represented…”.

Of course including the name of my company in the post has become more complicated (French Payroll Expert by the way).

The other element I learned is “3/1/1”.

For 5 posts 1 must be about your job or your company. One must be about yourself, and 3 must bring something to your network.

Basically, you must be selfish 1/5th of your post, honest 1/5th of your post and useful 3/5th of your post. I will give it a try.

This event was the first of NetworkIrlande France‘s hashtag#lunchandlearns. I really enjoyed it and hope to attend more.

Were present Celine Durand, Cormac Ryan, Laurence Martel-Bibow, Nick Hicks, Stephen O’SULLIVAN, Ciarán Mac Guill and many others.

Big Business Lunch

Yesterday I represented French Payroll Expert and Your Experts In France at the monthly #businesslunch.

This was our 2nd biggest lunch with 42 attendees. I am afraid I cannot name them all in this post.

The guest speaker was Bob Lewis from the British Council.

He talked about the council, its past, its present and its future. I didn’t know the council had such a history and so many current activities.

I had the opportunity to meet new acquaintance such as Charlene Lim, Willima R. Jacquin, Yuting Huo, Jack Carrier and reconnect with others such as Cameron Sutherland, Gadi Oron, Nathalie Kennedy, Thibault Vanham ◆ Bessé Ressources.

Thank you Jonathan C. Cooper and Edwina for setting this up.

And, of course, to the sponsors the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the British Council, ABAF, the IOD the Department of International Trade and the The Spectrum IFA Group.