When a company (foreign or domestic) wishes to hire an employee the following formalities are to be done:

  • A written employment contract must be signed.

An employment contract is not mandatory for a full time indefinite term contract. However, it is mandatory for a short term contract, a part time contract, an apprentice contract and a few other specific legal contracts.

Do not Hire an employee without a signed employment contract.

  • Registration to the URSSAF (social security)

The DPAE (declaration prior to hiring) is a declaration of employment to be sent to the URSSAF (social security). This declaration must be sent at the earliest 8 days before hiring the employee. It must be sent before the effective employment date of the employee.

Hiring an employee without having sent the DPAE is an illegal employment. In this case the penalty is of 300 times the minimum hour rate (1 056€ in 2015) per employee.

  • Registration to the POLE EMPLOI (Unemployment fund)

The registration to the unemployment fund is done automatically with the DPAE and the registration to the social security.

  • Registration to the retirement funds

Registration of the new employee to the retirement funds is no longer mandatory. The registration is done automatically with the yearend declaration. However, for foreign companies without a fix establishment in France, it is recommended that an individual declaration be sent to the retirement fund.

  • Registration to the life insurance

A life insurance contract is mandatory for all companies. The registration of a new employee to this insurance is therefore mandatory as well. The law doesn’t state any delay for registering the employee to the insurance.

However, should an employee die without being registered to the life insurance, the company will receive a fine of 3 times the annual social security sealing (114 120€ in 2015). Therefore, it is recommended that the registration be done before the employment starts.

  • Registration to the health insurance

As of the 1st of January 2016, the employer will have the obligation to propose a mandatory health insurance contract the all his employees. No legal delay for registration has yet been published. Nor has any penalties for the lack of registration been published. However, we recommend that the registration be done before the employment starts.

  • Registration to the occupational medicine

Every new employee must do a medical check-up with the occupational medicine. This check-up must be done before the end of the trial period. As most of the occupational medicine center are full, it is recommended that the registration of the new employee be done as soon as possible.

public services :
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Occupatonal medecine : https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2211


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