An Irish Christmas

Yesterday the #christmas season started with NetworkIrlande France’s Christmas reception.

The event took place at the #irish #embassy. Her Excellency Mrs. Patricia O’Brien did the opening speech and took the opportunity praise the good and growing relation ship between #france and #ireland.

Mr. Richard Dujardin (our president) was very pleased to inform us of the increase in NetworkIrlande France’s member ship and of early 2020 events.

Then the party started.

The guest list was impressive (over 100 people), you will understand that I can’t name everyone.

Of course the usual suspects were presents, Desmond McGetrick, Harrie Barron,…

It was a lovely evening and this year’s first Christmas tree.

Best wishes to all of you.

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The termination in the French Payroll.

In France there are 2 main types of termination.

One is the agreed termination called “Rupture conventionnelle” the second one is the classic termination.

Agreed termination

This termination is an agreement between the employer and the employee. The process is simpler than the basic termination one and avoid any notice period.

The process

The process is simple:

  1. The employer or the employee request to termination from the other party.
  2. The 2 parties meet (sever times if needed) and agree on the terms of the termination.
  3. The 2 parties sign the official termination document. This document is provided by the administration.
  4. Once the document is signed, both parties have 15 calendar days to change their mind.
  5. Once the 15 calendar days are past, the company sends the official document to the administration. The administration then has 15 workable days to refuse the agreement.
  6. Once this delay is past the employment contract can be terminated.

The cost

The cost of this termination is the cost of the legal (or conventional) termination indemnity.

Legal cost is ¼ of the average gross salary per year of seniority.

Collective bargaining agreement can state a higher indemnity.

Termination payroll

Classic termination

The basic termination process is also called the termination with cause. It is more complex and subject to court judgment than the agreed termination.

The process

The process his more complex and imply more delays than the one for the agreed termination.

  1. The employer invites the employee to an interview to discuss the termination.

The invitation must be sent by registered letter. It must include

  1. the subject of the interview.
  2. The place date and time of the interview.
  3. The possibility for the employee to be assisted and the place where he can find this assistance.

The interview must take place at least 5 days after the registered letter is first presented to the employee’s contact address.

  • The interview takes place

During the interview, the employer explains the reason for the termination and hear the employee’s explanations.

  • If the employer doesn’t change his mind, he sends the termination letter.

The employer must wait at least 2 workable days after the interview to send the termination letter.

The termination letter must include all the employer’s motive for the termination.

With 15 days after receiving the termination letter, the employee can ask for additional explanation from the employer. This request must be done by registered letter.

The employer then has 15 days to answer the employee by registered letter.

  • The employee’s notice period starts the day after receiving the termination letter.
  • The end of the notice period is the last day of employment.

The cost

Except in case of misconduct, the cost of the termination is the payment of the legal or conventional termination indemnity.

Legal cost is ¼ of the average gross salary per year of seniority.

Collective bargaining agreement can state a higher indemnity.


The cause of the termination must be a legal one. The employer must keep every proof the cause should the employee complain to the court of unlawful termination.

This is the reason why French Payroll Expert always recommends seeking the advice of a lawyer in case a classic termination.

SIACI & IGS “Matinale” on C&B

This morning, I represented French Payroll Expert to Groupe IGS Formation Continue and SIACI SAINT HONORE‘s “matinale” on C&B.

This was a very interesting talk. The speakers were Chrystelle THIRION from SIACI SAINT HONORE, alice desbouvrie also from SIACI SAINT HONORE and Sophie DENYS from Dassault Systèmes.

If I had to be honest, I would say that I just discovered what C&B truly was. These talks were way over my pay grade (in this domain).

However, what I learned now allows me to understand some of the needs of my clients.

I was a very instructive morning.

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Business Lunch with a coach.

Yesterday I represented French Payroll Expert at the monthly #businesslunch.

Our guest speaker was Jo Stapleton Leymarie. She explained to us her work as a #coach. She mainly help us make the distinction between slow and fast thinking.

I was surprised to notice that I was a slow thinker.

I also had fascinating conversations with Jo, Josette Quiniou, David Spiers and Jonathan Clark from St Michael’s Church (in Paris).

Where also present David Davron from Davron Translations and Wendy-Ann Smith.

Thank you to Jonathan C. Cooper for setting this up (I hope the picture suites you this time) and to the sponsors the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The Spectrum IFA Group, the IOD, the Department for International Trade (DIT) and ABAF.

Breakfast at the Chamber : How to prospect.

This morning I represented French Payroll Expert at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry‘s #SME breakfast.

The theme was how to prospect and grow your business. Our guest speaker was Jacques MILCENT from CONSENSO formation.

It was very interesting to compare how we get in touch with our prospect. LinkedIn and social media definitely the place to be. However, I was amazed to learn that cold phoning still has a 4% reach.

Were present, Josette Quiniou, Annabelle Gauberti, Guillaume O’Lanyer, Francois DECOCK, Stephanie Frackowiak, Robin Young, Stéphane Lorey, Eliot James Corron, Jeremy Durack, Luis Wolff Kono, Olivia Bédier, Derek Ferguson

Unfortunately, we were too numerous to tag everyone to this post. My apologies to those I could not add to this post.

Thank you to the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry for inviting me and to CATHERINE LE YAOUANC and the chamber’s staff for setting it up.

Opportunities to capitalise on Australia’s infrastructure

Yesterday, I represented French Payroll Expert at ABIE France‘s event Opportunities to capitalise on Australia’s infrastructure and energy project boom.

The event took place at the Australian embassy in #Paris.

His excellency Brendan Berne was present and answered question form the panel experts.

The theme was Australian infrastructure. The speakers were Robert Clarke from Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Jean-philippe Trin from Bouygues Construction, Salim Bensmail from John Laing, Arabella Rothwell from the Victorian Government and Keirra Smith from the New South Wales Government Australia.

The conversation was fascinating. I knew #Australia was big. I never figured it was this huge. I guest you have to see it to understand it.

Maybe I should emigrate?

Thank to ABIE France for inviting me and to his excellency Brendan Berne for hosting the event.

A drink with the Scots

Yesterday evening I represented French Payroll Expert to a GlobalScot drink.

I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Pritchard from Scottish Enterprise, Eniko Delzenne-Gyulai from Scottish Development International and Eliot James Corron from Pact & Partners International.

Were also presents my friends from the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry and my colleague from Your Experts in France.

It was very interesting to learn more about the Scots.

I hope I can join GlobalScot to keep learning more about this country I barely know.

“Les matinales” : Social and HR actualities

Les matinales IGS

This morning I attended a “matinale” (understand information morning) with Groupe IGS Formation Continue and BDO France.

Anne-Sophie Nieuwjaer Campion and Alain RICHARD were our speakers.

The main theme of this “matinale” was the #genderequality in French companies and the related administrative and informative work.

I should be used to it by now, but the French administration never seas to amaze me by the depth of it complexity.

Hopefully, you have experts to deal with it.

It was very instructive morning, but a little depressing.

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Monthly Business Lunch

Today I represented French Payroll Expert at the monthly #businesslunch .

Our guest speaker was michel de fabiani from the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He gave a very inspired speech about #brexit and how everything can happen even at the last minute.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Olivia Bédier from School BritanniaDavid Spiers, Jeremy Lister and Luis Wolff Kono.

Of course many others were present. Including Robert James Oliver, Thibault Vanham ◆ Bessé Ressources and Nathalie Kennedy.

Thank you to our host Jonathan C. Cooper and to our sponsors The Spectrum IFA Group, the IOD, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, ABAF and the Department for international trade.