Opportunities to capitalise on Australia’s infrastructure

Yesterday, I represented French Payroll Expert at ABIE France‘s event Opportunities to capitalise on Australia’s infrastructure and energy project boom.

The event took place at the Australian embassy in #Paris.

His excellency Brendan Berne was present and answered question form the panel experts.

The theme was Australian infrastructure. The speakers were Robert Clarke from Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Jean-philippe Trin from Bouygues Construction, Salim Bensmail from John Laing, Arabella Rothwell from the Victorian Government and Keirra Smith from the New South Wales Government Australia.

The conversation was fascinating. I knew #Australia was big. I never figured it was this huge. I guest you have to see it to understand it.

Maybe I should emigrate?

Thank to ABIE France for inviting me and to his excellency Brendan Berne for hosting the event.

A drink with the Scots

Yesterday evening I represented French Payroll Expert to a GlobalScot drink.

I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Pritchard from Scottish Enterprise, Eniko Delzenne-Gyulai from Scottish Development International and Eliot James Corron from Pact & Partners International.

Were also presents my friends from the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry and my colleague from Your Experts in France.

It was very interesting to learn more about the Scots.

I hope I can join GlobalScot to keep learning more about this country I barely know.

“Les matinales” : Social and HR actualities

Les matinales IGS

This morning I attended a “matinale” (understand information morning) with Groupe IGS Formation Continue and BDO France.

Anne-Sophie Nieuwjaer Campion and Alain RICHARD were our speakers.

The main theme of this “matinale” was the #genderequality in French companies and the related administrative and informative work.

I should be used to it by now, but the French administration never seas to amaze me by the depth of it complexity.

Hopefully, you have experts to deal with it.

It was very instructive morning, but a little depressing.

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Monthly Business Lunch

Today I represented French Payroll Expert at the monthly #businesslunch .

Our guest speaker was michel de fabiani from the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He gave a very inspired speech about #brexit and how everything can happen even at the last minute.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Olivia Bédier from School BritanniaDavid Spiers, Jeremy Lister and Luis Wolff Kono.

Of course many others were present. Including Robert James Oliver, Thibault Vanham ◆ Bessé Ressources and Nathalie Kennedy.

Thank you to our host Jonathan C. Cooper and to our sponsors The Spectrum IFA Group, the IOD, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, ABAF and the Department for international trade.

This morning I represented French Payroll Expert at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry‘s #SMEBreakfast.

Our guest speaker was Jacques MILCENT from CONSENSO formation.

He explained to us the difference between British and French communication in canvasing clients. I was amazed to hear that the French are considered rude to their client.

I hope I can be the exception.

The breakfast was strange, not only were we invaded by the École de Guerre as 5 of their members were present. But the other side of the room was packed with Scottish.

All in all I would have felt a little lonely if not for the presence of David Spiers, Cameron Sutherland, Luis Wolff Kono, Derek Ferguson, Christine Levavasseur, Jean-Luc Sfez and Philippe Talon.

As usual thank you to the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry and CATHERINE LE YAOUANC for setting up these monthly events.

“Brexit – Challenges and Opportunities for Ireland”.

Irish Flag

Yesterday I attended “Brexit – Challenges and Opportunities for Ireland”.

The event took place at the Irish embassy.

Ambassador Patricia O’Brien made a worming opening speech.

David Barniville SC and Tony Connelly were the guest speaker.

I learned more in a few minutes on the Irish judiciary system than I did in the last 5 years thanks to Mr. Barniville.

Mr. Connelly allowed me to understand that I didn’t really understand the complexity and the danger of the #brexit for #Ireland.

Most of all the evening allowed me to understand a little bite better Irish people. M. Connelly kept talking about the #peaceprocess. At the moment I did not really notice it. Then I kept wondering why a #process and not just #peace.

I understood a major difference between the #French and the #Irish.

I take peace for granted, you don’t.

That gives me a new perspective on my friends and increase my respect for you, your achievement and your desire for a #brexit that won’t jeopardize the peace process.

I hope we can have many more such evening in the future where I have the opportunity to meet impressive people and learn to understand them a lite bite better.

Thank you to NetworkIrlande France and Arbitration Ireland for inviting me.

Network Ireland’s rentrée reception.

Yesterday I represented French Payroll Expert to NetworkIrlande France‘s rentrée reception.

The guest speaker was colonel Colm Doyle (retd).

He explained to us the art of the negotiations and his experience in it as an Irish peacekeeper in Bosnia.

I have rarely met such an impressive man.

The colonel left quite an impression. And his speech was fascinating.

I also took the opportunity to make new friends among Enterprise Ireland Paris. A very good evening.

An offical employee cost calculator. In English

French gouvernment logo

One of the first questions when you want to hire anyone is : “how much is it going to cost my company?”

The French government helps you answer this question by providing you with a cost calculator.


It is quite accurate and can help you estimate the cost of any new employee. And it is in English.

Don’t hesitate to the visit the site or ask French Payroll Expert for an estimate.

Dinner with Australian friends

Australian Business in Europe

Yesterday evening I represented French Payroll Expert to ABIE France rentré Diner at the Aéro-Club de France.

I had the opportunity to here our president Bernard Tabary‘s speech.

And I was impressed by Ross McInnes view of the Franco-Australian relationship.

I also had the opportunity to speak with members of the National Australia Bank including Nick Woolfitt.

And I had a fascinating conversation with Damien Pommeret about #gdpr.

I am sorry to have had so little time to speak with my friend Frederic Calinaud.

As always a great thanks to Bridget Rive and all of ABIE France for setting up this event.

Paperwork to be done when an employee leaves a company.


In France, when an employee leaves a company, there is some specific #paperwork to be done.

The process for terminating an employment contract is a complex one. It usually requires the assistance of a lawyer. However, this is not the only paperwork to be done.

Once the pay slip is computed, there is still some administrative work ahead.

The employer must :

1- provide the employee with his pay slip.

2- provide the employee with his unemployment attestation (even if the employee doesn’t have any unemployment right).

3- provide the employee with his work certificate.

4- provide him with the life and health insurance extension documents if the employee is entitled to unemployment.

Once payment of the final pay slip is made, the employee must provide the employer with a signed receipt of last payment.

Don’t hesitate to contract French Payroll Expert for more information.

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