Why choose French Payroll Expert?

You will always ear that “The french payroll is complicated”.

It’s a lie.

The french payroll is not complicated. Not to an expert.

It is not your job to do the payroll. It is ours.

Therefore, what you need not just a payroll expert that can compute your payroll. You also need one that can explain it to you.

This payroll expert is French Payroll Expert.

Why French Payroll Expert?

French Payroll expert experience

For its experience.

French Payroll Expert is based on the experience of its founder Mr. Thomas BIDOU.

He is an expert in french payroll matters with over 15 years of experience.

Mr. BIDOU created FPExpert so that his experience could be put to use in the best way possible.

Mr. BIDOU has extensive experience working with foreign companies.

He understands your needs. And he also understands what you don’t understand about the french payroll.


FPExpert Process

For its process.

From a proper process runs a proper payroll.”

Base on this idea, French Payroll Expert will setup a personal and specialized process for your needs.

This process will be the link between you and a proper payroll.

English Speaking

For its English speaking capacity.

Every member of French Payroll Expert speaks English.

You will always be understood by every member of our staff.


FPExpert all for One

For its “All for One” Policy.

As the french payroll is supposed to be complex, the invoice of the payroll provider services is also complex.

To put an end to this idea, French Payroll Expert created the “All for One” policy.

This billing policy is based on a per pay slip cost. You will be charges per pay slips sent to you. And this is all.

There will be no additions, and no surprise. All of our services are included.

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